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The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) 3.7

Taking inspiration from The Human Centipede films, the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks to create a 500-person human centipede as a solution to his problems.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Horror
  • Six Entertainment
22 May 2015


Dieter Laser
(William "Bill" Boss)
Bree Olson
Eric Roberts
(Governor Hughes)
Laurence R. Harvey
(Dwight Butler)
Robert LaSardo
(Inmate 297)
Tom Lister Jr.
(Inmate 178)
Jay Tavare
(Inmate 346)
Clayton Rohner
(Dr. Jones)
Peter Blankenstein
(Inmate 106)
Bill Hutchens
(Inmate 488)