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The Great Dictator 8.4

Dictator Adenoid Hynkel tries to expand his empire while a poor Jewish barber tries to avoid persecution from Hynkel's regime.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Comedy
  • Roy Export Company Establishment
  • United Artists
23 Oct 1940


Charlie Chaplin
(Adenoid Hynkel, Dictator of Tomania / A Jewish Barber)
Jack Oakie
(Benzino Napaloni, Dictator of Bacteria)
Reginald Gardiner
(Commander Schultz)
Henry Daniell
Billy Gilbert
(Field Marshal Herring)
Paulette Goddard
Maurice Moscovitch
(Mr. Jaeckel)
Emma Dunn
(Mrs. Jaeckel)
Bernard Gorcey
(Mr. Mann)
Paul Weigel
(Mr. Agar)
Chester Conklin
(Barber's Customer)
Hank Mann
(Storm Trooper Stealing Fruit)
Florence Wright
(Blonde Secretary)
Eddie Gribbon
(Tomanian Storm Trooper)
Rudolph Anders
(Tomanian Commandant at Osterlich / Robert O. Davis)
Eddie Dunn
(Whitewashed Storm Trooper)
George Lynn
(Commander of Storm Troopers)
Fred Aldrich
(Soldier (uncredited))
Richard Alexander
(Tomainian Prison Guard in 1918 (uncredited))
Sig Arno
(Compact Parachute Inventor (uncredited))
Don Brodie
(Reporter from International Press (uncredited))
Gino Corrado
(Sculptor (uncredited))
John Davidson
(Hospital Superintendent (uncredited))
Max Davidson
(Jewish Man (uncredited))
Leyland Hodgson
(Big Bertha Gunnery Officer (uncredited))
William Irving
(Man Seated on Bed (uncredited))
Charles Irwin
(Banquet Butler (uncredited))
Torben Meyer
(Bald Barbershop Customer (uncredited))
Bert Moorhouse
(Hynkel's Staff Officer (uncredited))
Nellie V. Nichols
(Jewish Woman (uncredited))
Jack Perrin
(Jewish Man (uncredited))
Lucien Prival
(Storm Trooper Officer (uncredited))
Cyril Ring
(Officer Extra (uncredited))
Hans Schumm
(Soldier (uncredited))
Leo White
(Hynkel's Barber (uncredited))
Harry Wilson
(Soldier in Field (uncredited))
Hans Conried
(Undetermined Role (uncredited))