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Regína 6

Regína is 10 years old. Her mother, Margrét, works at a home for the elderly and her father is dead. The story begins one sunny summer morning when kids are leaving for the summer camp and Regína has been told she cannot go. While alone at home killing time she discovers her gift, which is hypnotizing singing. Her friend Pétur shows his talent for finding words that rhyme and together they increase the power of singing.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Family
  • Íslenska kvikmyndasamsteypan
  • Les Productions La Fête Inc.
26 Dec 2001


Baltasar Kormákur
Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir
Sólveig Arnarsdóttir
Magnús Ólafsson
Stefán Karl Stefánsson