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Pulp Fiction 8.5

A burger-loving hit man, his philosophical partner, a drug-addled gangster's moll and a washed-up boxer converge in this sprawling, comedic crime caper. Their adventures unfurl in three stories that ingeniously trip back and forth in time.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Thriller
  • Crime
  • Miramax
  • A Band Apart
  • Jersey Films
10 Sep 1994


John Travolta
(Vincent Vega)
Samuel L. Jackson
(Jules Winnfield)
Uma Thurman
(Mia Wallace)
Bruce Willis
(Butch Coolidge)
Ving Rhames
(Marsellus Wallace)
Harvey Keitel
(Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe)
Eric Stoltz
Tim Roth
(Ringo ("Pumpkin"))
Amanda Plummer
(Yolanda ("Honey Bunny"))
Maria de Medeiros
Quentin Tarantino
(Jimmie Dimmick)
Christopher Walken
(Captain Koons)
Rosanna Arquette
Peter Greene
Duane Whitaker
Angela Jones
(Esmarelda Villalobos)
Phil LaMarr
Steve Buscemi
(Buddy Holly)
Bronagh Gallagher
Laura Lovelace
Frank Whaley
Burr Steers
Paul Calderon
Michael Gilden
(Page for Phillip Morris)
Joseph Pilato
(Dean Martin)
Brad Blumenthal
(Jerry Lewis)
Emil Sitka
(Hold Hands You Lovebirds (archive footage))
Brenda Hillhouse
(Mrs. Coolidge - Butch's Mother)
Robert Ruth
(Sportscaster #1 - Coffee Shop)
Don Blakely
(Wilson's Trainer)
Karen Maruyama
(Gawker #1)
Kathy Griffin
(Hit-and-run Witness)
Linda Kaye
(Shot Woman)
Alexis Arquette
(Man No. 4)
Julia Sweeney
Lawrence Bender
(Long Hair Yuppy Scum)
Cie Allman
(Winston Wolfe's Girlfriend at Party (uncredited))
Lori Pizzo
(Lucky Lady (uncredited))
Ani Sava
(Woman in Bathroom (uncredited))
Richard Rossi
(Diner Patron #2 (uncredited))