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L'immortale 7

Ciro's body is sinking in the dark waters of the Gulf of Naples. And as it sinks deeper and deeper, memories emerge. The sounds muffled by the water merge with the screams of fleeing people. It is 1980, the earth shakes, the palace collapses, but under the rubble you can hear the cry of a newborn baby still alive. Ten years later, we find that new-born baby as it survives as it can on the streets of Naples, nobody's son. Vivid memories of a criminal education that made him what he is: Ciro Di Marzio, the Immortal. Prequel of the "Gomorra" tv show.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Action
  • Crime
  • Cattleya
  • Vision Distribution
  • Beta Film
05 Dec 2019


Marco D'Amore
(Ciro Di Marzio)
Salvatore D'Onofrio
Marianna Robustelli
Gennaro Di Colandrea
Aleksey Guskov
(Yuri Dobeshenko)
Nello Mascia
(Don Aniello Pastore)
Salvio Simeoli
('O Mierlo)
Salvatore Esposito
(Gennaro Savastano)