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Red Shoes And The Seven Dwarfs 7.7

Princes who have been turned into Dwarfs seek the red shoes of a lady in order to break the spell, although it will not be easy.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Animation
  • Romance
  • Family
  • Sidus
  • Next Entertainment World
  • Locus Creative Studios
25 Jul 2019


Chloƫ Grace Moretz
(Snow White (voice))
Sam Claflin
(Merlin (voice))
Gina Gershon
(The Evil Queen (voice))
Patrick Warburton
(Magic Mirror (voice))
Jim Rash
(Prince Average (voice))
Simon Kassianides
(Arthur (voice))
Frederik Hamel
(Jack (voice))
Nolan North
(Hans/Twin Guards/King White (voice))
Frank Todaro
(Pino / Noki / Kio (voice))
Ava Kolker
(Wooden Bear 1 (voice))
Asher Blinkoff
(Wooden Bear 2 (voice))
Juju Journey Brener
(Wooden Bear 3 (voice))
Brian T. Delaney
(Big Bunny / Sculpter (voice))
Piotr Michael
(Soldier A (voice))
Ben Diskin
(Soldier B (voice))
Kari Wahlgren
(Additional Voices (voice))
Terri Douglas
(Additional Voices (voice))
Amanda Troop
(Additional Voices (voice))
Katie DiCicco
(Dorothy Gale (voice))