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Artemis Fowl 5.9

Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius and descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds. He soon finds himself in an epic battle against a race of powerful underground fairies who may be behind his father's disappearance.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Family
  • Tribeca Productions
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • TKBC
12 Jun 2020


Ferdia Shaw
(Artemis Fowl II)
Lara McDonnell
(Captain Holly Short)
Josh Gad
(Mulch Diggums)
Tamara Smart
(Juliet Butler)
Nonso Anozie
Joshua McGuire
(Briar Cudgeon)
Colin Farrell
(Artemis Fowl I)
Judi Dench
(Commander Root)
Nikesh Patel
Adrian Scarborough
(The Goblin Chief)
Michael Rouse
Racheal Ofori
(Reporter 2)
Simone Kirby
(Mrs. Byrne)
Gerard Horan
(Dr. Po)
Rachel Denning
(Clay Moore)
Arian Nik
(Kanker (Verbil Squad))
Michael Abubakar
(Burr (Verbil Squad))
Sally Messham
(Sky Willow)
Jake Davies
(Chix Verbil)
Grace Molony
(Jasmine Sapwood (Command Centre))
William Moseley
(Italian Man)
Hamish McColl
(Italian Singer)
Taylor James
(VFX Facial Troll)
Harry Lister Smith
(Brother of the Groom)
Gavin Esler
Hong Chau
(Opal Koboi (uncredited))
Laurence Kinlan
(Beachwood Short (uncredited))
Jean-Paul Ly
(Nguyen Xuan (uncredited))
Bernardo Santos
(Groomsman (uncredited))
Daniel Eghan
(Wedding Guest (uncredited))
Ruth Horrocks
(News Anchorwoman (uncredited))
Antonio Mancino
(Priest (uncredited))
Bradley Wj Miller
(Lava Chute Controller (uncredited))
Emily Ng
(LEP (Lower Elements Police) (uncredited))
Peter Pedrero
(Italian Wedding Guest (uncredited))
Diana Alexandra Pocol
(LEPrecon Private (uncredited))
Sid Sagar
(Man Eaten By Troll (uncredited))
Atul Sharma
(Civilian (uncredited))
Teresa Shaughnessy
(Plane Passenger (uncredited))
Fran Targ
(Resident Haven City (uncredited))