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Vivarium 6

A young woman and her fiancé are in search of the perfect starter home. After following a mysterious real estate agent to a new housing development, the couple finds themselves trapped in a maze of identical houses and forced to raise an otherworldly child.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Fantastic Films
  • Frakas Productions
  • Lovely Productions
  • XYZ Films
  • PingPongFilm
  • Saban Films
07 Sep 2019


Imogen Poots
Jesse Eisenberg
Eanna Hardwicke
(Older Boy)
Jonathan Aris
Senan Jennings
(Young Boy)
Molly McCann
(Molly - Mousey Girl)
Danielle Ryan
Olga Wehrly
(Young Woman)
Jack Hudson
(Estate Agent (uncredited))
Michael McGeown
(Factory worker (uncredited))
Mark Quigley
(Estate agent (uncredited))