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The Convent 5.6

During the 17th century, a young woman is saved from execution and led to a priory to repent her sins but discovers a greater evil lies within.

  Genre   Production Release
  • History
  • Horror
  • Red Rock Entertainment
  • EnMar Productions
  • Sterling Pictures Ltd
  • Templeheart Films
26 Oct 2018


Michael Ironside
(The Magistrate)
Hannah Arterton
Clare Higgins
(Reverend Mother)
Dilan Gwyn
(Alice Langley)
Sian Breckin
(Sister Lucilla)
CiarĂ¡n McMenamin
(William Carpenter)
Katie Sheridan
(Sister Margaret)
Ryan Oliva
(The Diabolical)
Grahame Fox
Petra Bryant
Ania Marson
(Sister Elizabeth)
Sarah Malin
(Sister Anna Frances)
Jill Buchanan
Emily Tucker