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Where Hands Touch 8.1

Germany, 1944. Leyna, the 15-year old daughter of a white German mother and a black African father, meets Lutz, a compassionate member of the Hitler Youth whose father is a prominent Nazi soldier, and they form an unlikely connection in this quickly changing world.

  Genre   Production Release
  • War
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Tantrum Films
  • Umedia
  • Head Gear Films
  • Pinewood Pictures
  • Isle of Man Film
  • British Film Institute
  • Metrol Technology
  • British Film Company
14 Sep 2018


Amandla Stenberg
George MacKay
Abbie Cornish
(Leyna's Aryan Mother)
Christopher Eccleston
(SS Officer (Lutz's Father))
Alec Newman
Will Attenborough
Tom Goodman-Hill
(Wihelm Warner)
Simon Harrison
(SS Guard)
Ethan Rouse