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Per un pugno di dollari 7.9

The Man With No Name enters the Mexican village of San Miguel in the midst of a power struggle among the three Rojo brothers and sheriff John Baxter. When a regiment of Mexican soldiers bearing gold intended to pay for new weapons is waylaid by the Rojo brothers, the stranger inserts himself into the middle of the long-simmering battle, selling false information to both sides for his own benefit.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Western
  • Constantin Film
  • Jolly Film
  • Ocean Films
18 Jan 1964


Clint Eastwood
Marianne Koch
Gian Maria Volonté
(Ramón Rojo)
Wolfgang Lukschy
(John Baxter)
Sieghardt Rupp
(Esteban Rojo)
Joseph Egger
Antonio Prieto
(Don Benito Rojo / Don Miguel Rojo)
Margarita Lozano
(Consuelo Baxter)
Daniel Martín
Mario Brega
Bruno Carotenuto
(Antonio Baxter)
Aldo Sambrell
(Rojo Gang Member)
Antonio Molino Rojo
(Baxter Gunman #2 (uncredited))
Luis Barboo
(Baxter Gunman #3 (uncredited))
Juan Cortés
(Cavalry Captain (uncredited))
William R. Thompkins
(Baxter Gunman (uncredited))
Fernando Sánchez Polack
(Rojo Gang Member Crushed by Wine Cask (uncredited))
José Canalejas
(Rojo Gang Member (uncredited))
Jose Halufi
(Rojo Gang Member (uncredited))
Nino Del Arco
(Jesus (uncredited))
Frank Braña
(Baxter Gunman (uncredited))
José Orjas
Antonio Pica
(Rojo Gang Member (uncredited))
Julio Pérez Tabernero
(Baxter Gunman (uncredited))
José Riesgo
(Mexican Cavalry Captain (uncredited))
Umberto Spadaro
(Miguel - Rojo Gunman (uncredited))
Antonio Vico
Luis Rodriguez
(Rojo Gang Member (uncredited))