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The Ridiculous 6 5.1

When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Comedy
  • Western
  • Happy Madison Productions
11 Dec 2015


Adam Sandler
(Tommy aka White Knife)
Taylor Lautner
(Lil' Pete)
Steve Buscemi
(Doc Griffin)
Steve Zahn
David Spade
(General Custer)
Nick Nolte
(Frank Stockburn)
John Turturro
(Abner Doubleday)
Chris Parnell
(Bank Manager)
Terry Crews
Luke Wilson
Danny Trejo
Harvey Keitel
Rob Schneider
Will Forte
(Will Patch)
Jorge Garcia
Nick Swardson
(Nelly Patch)
Norm Macdonald
(Nugget Customer)
Whitney Cummings
Jared Sandler
(Babyface Patch)
Jon Lovitz
(Ezekiel Grant)
John Farley
Lavell Crawford
(Gus Patch)
Blake Clark
(Gulch Sheriff)
Blake Shelton
(Wyatt Earp)
Vanilla Ice
(Mark Twain)
Julia Jones
(Smoking Fox)
Dan Patrick
(Abraham Lincoln)
Sarah Minnich
(Woman in Bank)
Alex Knight
(Ford's Theater Performer #1)
Catharine E. Jones
(Betty Dunson)
Ricardo Andres
(Sober Bar Patron (uncredited))
Richard Beal
(Town Cowboy (uncredited))
Jetto Dorsainville
(Rattlers Gulch Man (uncredited))
Alan Humphrey
(Cowboy (uncredited))
Rodger Larance
(Townsman (uncredited))
Meggie Maddock
(Nugget Prostitute (uncredited))
Clint Obenchain
(Sheriff's Deputy (uncredited))
Gonzalo Robles
(Guard (uncredited))
J. Nathan Simmons
(Citizen of Rattler's Gulch (uncredited))
Jackie Sandler
(Never Wears Bra)
Chris Kattan
(John Wilkes Booth)
Julia Vera
Tim Herlihy
(Nugget Bartender)
Sadie Sandler
(Dancing Kid #1)
Sunny Sandler
(Dancing Kid #2)
Jonathan Loughran
Dan Bulla
(Dr. Chubb)
Mark Wallace
(Nugget Bouncer #2)
Tina Parker
(Mary Todd Lincoln)
Stephen Eiland
(Fainting Man)