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The New Mutants 6.3

Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • 20th Century Studios
  • TSG Entertainment
26 Aug 2020


Maisie Williams
(Rahne Sinclair / Wolfsbane)
Anya Taylor-Joy
(Illyana Rasputin / Magik)
Charlie Heaton
(Samuel Guthrie / Cannonball)
Alice Braga
(Dr. Cecilia Reyes)
Blu Hunt
(Danielle Moonstar / Mirage)
Henry Zaga
(Roberto da Costa / Sunspot)
Adam Beach
(Dani's Father)
Thomas Kee
(Thomas Guthrie)
Colbi Gannett
(Young Illyana)
Happy Anderson
(Reverend Craig)
Dustin Ceithamer
(Smiling Man)
Mickey Gilmore
(Coal Miner)
Jeffrey Corazzini
(Coal Miner)
Jacinto Vega SpiritWolf
(Frozen Cheyenne)
Marilyn Manson
(Voice of Smiling Man (voice))