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Focus 6.9

Nicky, an accomplished con artist, gets romantically involved with his disciple Jess but later ends their relationship. Years later, she returns as a femme fatale to spoil his plans.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • K & S Films
  • RatPac-Dune Entertainment
  • Zaftig Films
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Di Novi Pictures
25 Feb 2015


Will Smith
Margot Robbie
(Jess Barrett)
Rodrigo Santoro
Gerald McRaney
Adrian Martinez
Robert Taylor
BD Wong
Brennan Brown
Dominic Fumusa
Griff Furst
Stephanie Honoré
Don Yesso
(Card Player / Football Coach)
Juan Minujín
Pietro Gian
(Massive Security Guard)
Justina Bustos
(Blonde Bartender)
Paula Brasca
Clay Chamberlin
(Mark #1)
Chip Carriere
(Lead Official)
Frank J. Monteleone
Alan Sabbagh
(Team Argentina Head Engineer)
Hervé Segata
(France Team Engineer)
Kate Adair
(Tourist Thief)
Billy Slaughter
(Passing Thief)
Thomas Francis Murphy
Alvin Chon
(Liyuan's Bodyguard #2)
Mariano Bertolini
Antonella Saldicco
(Party Guest #1)
Joaquín Berthold
(Party Guest #2)
Marina Artigas
(Party Guest #3)
Dario Dukah
(Party Guest #4)
Apollo Robbins
Han Soto
(Head of Team Japan)
Darrell Foster
(Head of Team Italy)
Nina Leon
(BA Reporter)
Stevie Baggs Jr.
(Coin Toss Thresher)
David Haines
(Nicky's Crew Tommy)
Joe Chrest
(Jeweler (uncredited))