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Macbeth 6.5

Feature film adaptation of Shakespeare's Scottish play about General Macbeth whose ambitious wife urges him to use wicked means in order to gain power of the throne over the sitting king, Duncan.

  Genre   Production Release
  • History
  • Drama
  • War
  • Adventure
  • Anton Capital Entertainment (ACE)
  • See-Saw Films
  • Creative Scotland
  • DMC Films
  • Film4 Productions
  • StudioCanal
16 Aug 2015


Michael Fassbender
Marion Cotillard
(Lady Macbeth)
Paddy Considine
Sean Harris
Jack Reynor
Elizabeth Debicki
(Lady Macduff)
David Thewlis
David Hayman
Maurice Roeves
Ross Anderson
James Harkness
Scot Greenan
(Young Boy Soldier)
Hilton McRae
Brian Nickels
(Thane of Cawdor)
Matthew Stagg
(Macduff Child 3)
Rebecca Benson
Roy Sampson
Barrie Martin