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The Empire Strikes Back 8.4

The epic saga continues as Luke Skywalker, in hopes of defeating the evil Galactic Empire, learns the ways of the Jedi from aging master Yoda. But Darth Vader is more determined than ever to capture Luke. Meanwhile, rebel leader Princess Leia, cocky Han Solo, Chewbacca, and droids C-3PO and R2-D2 are thrown into various stages of capture, betrayal and despair.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Science Fiction
  • Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • 20th Century Fox
20 May 1980


Mark Hamill
(Luke Skywalker)
Harrison Ford
(Han Solo)
Carrie Fisher
(Princess Leia)
Billy Dee Williams
(Lando Calrissian)
Anthony Daniels
David Prowse
(Darth Vader)
Peter Mayhew
Kenny Baker
Frank Oz
(Yoda (Voice))
Alec Guinness
(Obi-Wan Kenobi)
Jeremy Bulloch
(Boba Fett)
Jason Wingreen
(Boba Fett (voice - uncredited))
John Hollis
(Lando's Aide)
Jack Purvis
(Chief Ugnaught)
Kathryn Mullen
(Performing Assistant for Yoda)
Marjorie Eaton
(Emperor (uncredited))
Clive Revill
(Emperor (voice))
Kenneth Colley
(Admiral Piett)
Julian Glover
(General Veers)
Michael Sheard
(Admiral Ozzel)
Michael Culver
(Captain Needa)
Mark Jones
(Commander Nemet)
Bruce Boa
(General Carlist Rieekan)
Christopher Malcolm
(Zev Senesca)
Denis Lawson
(Wedge Antilles)
Richard Oldfield
(Derek "Hobbie" Klivian)
John Morton
(Dak Ralter)
John Ratzenberger
(Major Derlin)
Norman Chancer
(Tamizander Rey)
Norwich Duff
(Jeroen Webb)
Burnell Tucker
(Wyron Serper)
Bob Anderson
(Imperial Officer (uncredited))
Lightning Bear
(Stormtrooper (uncredited))
Richard Bonehill
(Stormtrooper / Snowtrooper / Rebel Soldier / ... (uncredited))
Mark Capri
(Officer M'kae (Captain Needa's Communications Officer) (uncredited))
Martin Dew
(Cloud City Guard (uncredited))
Peter Diamond
(Snowtrooper Gunner (uncredited))
Doug Robinson
(Snowtrooper (uncredited))
Alan Harris
(Bossk / Bespin Security Guard (uncredited))
James Earl Jones
(Darth Vader (voice) (uncredited))
Mac McDonald
(Rebel Pilot (uncredited))
Ralph McQuarrie
(General McQuarrie (uncredited))
Terry Richards
(Wampa (uncredited))
Treat Williams
(Echo Base Trooper (uncredited))
Shaun Curry
(Hoth Rebel Commander (uncredited))
Alan Austen
Tony Clarkin
(Storm Trooper (uncredited))
Mike Edmonds
(Ugnaught (uncredited))
Joe Johnston
(Captain Shawn Valdez - Hoth Rebel (uncredited))
Steven Meek
(Stormtrooper / Chewbacca / Treva Horme / Solomahal (uncredited))