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It's a Wonderful Life 8.3

A holiday favourite for generations... George Bailey has spent his entire life giving to the people of Bedford Falls. All that prevents rich skinflint Mr. Potter from taking over the entire town is George's modest building and loan company. But on Christmas Eve the business's $8,000 is lost and George's troubles begin.

  Genre   Production Release
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Liberty Films (II)
20 Dec 1946


James Stewart
(George Bailey)
Donna Reed
(Mary Hatch)
Lionel Barrymore
(Mr. Potter)
Thomas Mitchell
(Uncle Billy)
Henry Travers
Beulah Bondi
(Mrs. Bailey)
Frank Faylen
Ward Bond
Gloria Grahame
H.B. Warner
(Mr. Gower)
Frank Albertson
(Sam Wainwright)
Samuel S. Hinds
(Pa Bailey)
Mary Treen
(Cousin Tilly)
Virginia Patton
(Ruth Dakin)
William Edmunds
(Mr. Martini)
Argentina Brunetti
(Mrs. Martini)
Robert J. Anderson
(Little George)
Danny Mummert
(Little Marty Hatch)
Sheldon Leonard
Frank Hagney
(Potter's Bodyguard)
Ray Walker
(Joe (Luggage Shop))
Charles Lane
(Real Estate Salesman)
Edward Keane
(Tom (Bldg. & Loan))
Karolyn Grimes
(The Bailey Child - Zuzu)
Larry Simms
(The Bailey Child - Pete)
Jimmy Hawkins
(The Bailey Child - Tommy)
Jean Acker
(Townswoman (uncredited))
Ernie Adams
(Ed (uncredited))
Stanley Andrews
(Mr. Welch (uncredited))
Sam Ash
(Nervous Banker (uncredited))
Jack Bailey
(One of Vi's Suitors (uncredited))
Brooks Benedict
(Military Officer in Montage (uncredited))
Joseph E. Bernard
(Townsman (uncredited))
Al Bridge
(Sheriff (uncredited))
Marian Carr
(Jane Wainwright (uncredited))
Adriana Caselotti
(Singer at Martini's (uncredited))
Lane Chandler
(Policeman (uncredited))
Michael Chapin
(Young George's Friend (uncredited))
Tom Chatterton
(Townsman (uncredited))
Jack Cheatham
(Cop Arresting Violet (uncredited))
Harry Cheshire
(Dr. Campbell (uncredited))
Edward Clark
(Building & Loan Board Member (uncredited))
Ellen Corby
(Ms. Davis (uncredited))
Tom Fadden
(Tollhouse Keeper (uncredited))
Frank Fenton
(Violet's Boyfriend (uncredited))
Sam Flint
(Relieved Banker in Potter's Office (uncredited))
Charles Halton
(Carter (uncredited))
Herbert Heywood
(Building & Loan Depositor (uncredited))
Harry Holman
(Mr. Partridge (uncredited))
Arthur Stuart Hull
(Mr. Randall (uncredited))
Carl Kent
(Townsman (uncredited))
Milton Kibbee
(Building & Loan Board Member (uncredited))
J. Farrell MacDonald
(Man Whose Grandfather Planted Tree (uncredited))
Wilbur Mack
(Building & Loan Customer (uncredited))
Charles Meakin
(Elderly Man (uncredited))
Bert Moorhouse
(Man with Sheriff (uncredited))
Frank O'Connor
(Military Officer in Montage (uncredited))
Moroni Olsen
(Senior Angel (voice) (uncredited))
Garry Owen
(Bill-Poster (uncredited))
Suzanne Ridgeway
(Nick's Waitress (uncredited))
Mark Roberts
(Mickey (uncredited))
Constantine Romanoff
(Bar Patron (uncredited))
Cy Schindell
(Nick's Bouncer (uncredited))
Almira Sessions
(Potter's Secretary (uncredited))
Carl Switzer
(Freddie Othello (uncredited))
Max Wagner
(Cashier / Nick's Assistant Bouncer (uncredited))
Charles C. Wilson
(Charlie (uncredited))